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Swarna Bindu Prashana

Posted on February 7th, 2012 by in Medicine

Ayurveda is fast catching up as a new alternative ,traditional medicine or system .The same is true with Swarna Bindu Prashana.-A unique method of potentiating immunity and intellect.

In my discussion with my Wife Dr.Seema,who is the HOD,Dravyaguna @Sri Sri Ayurveda College of science and Research,this is one ENIGMA that is catching up in the metros.The Swarna Bindu Prashana is administered on the day of Pushya Nakshatra and this drops can be given from birth to 16 years.These drops are strong immunity enhancer and promotes proper physical development ,improving intelligence and Memory Power.This is regarded as a good rejuvenator and to increase digestive power and skin toning among Children.

I am not an expert in this and you can contact the doctor for more information @Amrutha Ayurvedalaya,Gandhi Circle,Girrinagar Bangalore  ( # 9986164293)

These drops,as I understand,is prepared from brain tonic ,Digestive and immunomodulative herbs along with swarna(Gold) Basma

I have uploaded the video of my son getting adminsitered with these Swarna Bindu Prashana drops

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Yesterday,My son Devadatta who is 1 year and 3 months old, went on a shopping spree at one of the local stores.Attached are the few videos

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While the Bruhut Bangalore Mahanagara Palike(BBMP) may not label their operation,as I named it in my heading,but they did carry out this Operation.

Mignight of Jan 24th,BBMP went on a demolotion spree of the various shops that were decorating the footpath @Gandhi Bazaar.As confirmed by the BBMP sources this demolition was in response to various complaints received by the citizens,who were affected.These shop had been occupying the pedestrian foot path,causing great amount of trouble to the common man 

Last week,I just wnet around the place to look at how the place looks(!) after this operation.Have embeded a small you tube vedio of the same.People who have visited this place often will see the changes

While the battle between the Footpath shop owners and BBMP continues on who was right and who was wrong,one thing is sure……

‘Gandhi Bazaar will never remain the same without the footpath Shops that added the real color to the place and created the atmosphere of a traditional Bazaar’

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This sunday ,we had ample time and thought of visiting one of our favourite temple at Doddamallur – “Sri Aprameya swamy temple”.We had our ‘Harake” to offer at this temple and decided that since our son is now 1 year and three months old,it is high time we abide by our promise to God.We started at about 10.00 am from Bangalore via Nice road to Mysore rod and reached the temple in just an hour’s time.The temple comes just after Chennapatana city at a place called doddamallur.The temple is famous for Lord Aprameya ( Lord Krishna).The temple houses  an idol of Crawling Krishna also called as “Ambegal Krishna” and is often visited by couples who desire to have children or by parents who offer their prayers for the well being of their children.

Have attached few photoes that I took using by Mobile camera

Never forget to have the “Prasadam” after the Main Pooja.Although this time the prasadam offered(Bisibele Bath,Puliyogore,Sweet Pongol and Curd Rice) were very hot and spicy (sweet pongol being an exception though !)

Click to watch a very short video of the prasadam

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Karnataka Politics Unlimited

Posted on January 10th, 2012 by in Politics

Not sure where and how to start,but for sure this story does not have an end.Making politics in Politics has been sown in Karnataka from the day India got independence,but never had been such low morality politics.

Mr.Yeddiyurappa ,the ex-CM of the state and the current King maker has always prooven to be a thorn in the flesh of BJP,the reason why the so called BJP High Command took its own sweet little(?) time to dethrone him.Morality in politics was never low in the state ,as it is now.You have one after another Politician being charged by the Lokayukta  on corruption.

It is interesting to see the result and conclusion of this new battle that is developing between Eshwarappa,Yeddiyurappa and our ever smiling Chief Minister Sadananda Gowda

Hope the Voters are seeing and reviewing this and would vote LOGICALLY  in the next election




Was just browsing through the NDTV Website and found this Page . Was very much impressed by this campaign and the importance that has been placed for saving our Tigers.

Worth going through this information



Why this Kolaveri Di?????

Posted on January 2nd, 2012 by in Films and Music

Not sure how,when,why,how this song caught the nation in grips,but must admitt,this has become a song that are on lips ,heart and mind of everyone.

Was forced to put up this post,as I saw my son,who is one year old dancing to this tune..Plan to make a short vedio of this and upload on my  website

Hats off to you Dhanush and Aniruddh



Visit to Ganagapur (2011)

Posted on January 2nd, 2012 by in Tours & Travel

When,on 31st Dec 2011,the entire bangalore was partying,I was cherishing the presence of Lord Dattatreya at Ganagapur.As I wrote in my earlier post , I have a spiritual agreement with Guru to visit him atleast once every year.Even this year’s visit has charged me with new energy and has given me a new direction to move in year 2012

One of the places which you may include in your iternary,when you visit Ganagapur is to spend some time at Sri Sri Ganapati sachchidananda swamiji’s ashram.This place has been developed in a war footing and looks a place of serenity.Have attached few photoes of the ashram for the devotees

Jai Guru Datta


There has been increasing calls from some of my friends on getting the mark-sheets and Degree certificates from The Global Open University(TGOU),for the exams they have successfully completed.I really found it difficult as the contact numbers mentioned in their websites was not current or there were no one to answer the call.So later,I just followed the following steps and go my marks card for the M Phil exam I had taken

  1. Visit the website of The Indian Institute of Ecology and Environment 
  2. There are contact numbers listed in the website.Pls call them and request for marks card/certificates
  3. They would ask your Roll Number,exams you took etc.Pls provide the details to them
  4. Then make a follow up after 10 days on your requests
  5. I got my marks card after making 2 follow ups

So All the best mates!


Blessings from Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji

Posted on February 1st, 2011 by in Personal

Recently we were at Art of Living Ashram and my son (Devadatta) was fortunate enough to get the blessings from his holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji…Few photoes loaded……



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